Masai Mara by Lucy Schmidt

Artist Spotlight: Lucy Schmidt, Drawing Artist

    BIOGRAPHY Lucy was born on December 29 1988 in Exeter, UK. After growing up in the English countryside, at 18 years old she set her sights on the bright lights of London. It was here that she undertook a rigorous three year training at the ‘Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’ as a […]

Femme Fatale by Peter Terrin

Artist Spotlight: Peter Terrin, Painter

    BIOGRAPHY Peter Terrin was born in Roeselare Belgium on March 13, 1974. He discovered his passion for drawing at an early age when his father, a history and language teacher, began incorporating his illustrations of ancient figures into classroom lesson. After graduating from Providenciaal Technisch Instituut Kortrijk as a Textile Designer, Peter embarked on a journey […]

Portrait 1 by Chris Gerbaux

Artist Spotlight: Chris Gerbaux, Painter

BIOGRAPHY Chris Gerbaux is a french selfmade visual artist from Grenoble. He started to paint in 2011 with an abstract serie that envolved over the years. But it is in 2014 that he realy found his own style and make a real turning point in his work. Indeed Chris decided to mix all his experiences, […]

Digital artwork by Arnaud Crefcoeur

Artist Spotlight: ARCOFARC, Abstract Digital Artist

  ABOUT Digital painting – Photographie / Photomanipulation La photographie est une matière première…. Arc Of Arc fait naitre des peintures digitales à partir de photographies, il manipule, déforme, détruit, reconstruit la matière digitale jusqu’à obtenir un univers unique qu’il ne contrôle pas tout à fait…. Certains appellent son travail de l’art fractal, il veut […]

Untold Difference by Brad Carter

Artist Spotlight: Brad Carter, Abstract Painter

  ARTIST STATEMENT Abstract painting, for me it is the purest form of visual arts, as an Artist I am always striving to express my emotion, thoughts, and experiences. Abstract Art allows me to express these topics in a uniquely personal way.  When people ask me about Abstract Art, I refer to it as it’s […]

Behind the scenes by Marzena

Artist Spotlight: Marzena, Abstract Painter

  BIOGRAPHY I am French-Polish and I live in France, Orleans. I have painted since 2008. Before arriving in France, I worked with a Polish artist. We made a few fashion shows in Poland (Warsaw and Lodz). Until then, my artistic sense was expressed more in fashion clothing. The ability to express emotions through painting […]